Welcome Message

Dear friends

It gives me an immense pleasure to greet you welcome to the 2022 Conference of the ICCS in Taipei, Taiwan.

At the last on-site ICCS conference in Gdansk, Poland, 2019, we didn’t know that the Covid pandemic would make it impossible for us to meet – in person, in real life – both 2020 and 2021. We also didn’t know that the unfortunate demise of our Regional Representative for the Middle East, dr Mario Patricolo, would make the 2020 conference in Dubai impossible anyway. And we didn’t know that the 2021 conference in Aarhus, Denmark, would have to be given online (although happily our Danish friends made a great job of it). We have since then learned that yes, it is possible to have decent scientific meetings online, but no, if you want to achieve the best exchange of scientific ideas and network-building you need to be there.

So if you are working scientifically with the pediatric lower urinary tract or if you care clinically for children with bladder- and/or bowel-related problems I recommend that you come to friendly, colorful, safe Taipei in December 2-4, 2022!

Board member Prof Stephen Yang and his team have ensured that the program will be excellent, regardless of whether you want to catch up on the latest scientific advances or you need to sharpen your clinical skills. The special events during this conference include a section on updates to the clinical ICCS guidelines, educational courses on urodynamics and urotherapy, talks on fascinating new topics such as artificial intelligence in continence care, the cross-talk between the bladder, the bowel and the brain, and of course the Kelm Hjälmås memorial lecture, this time given by prof CK Yeung of Hong Kong.

On a personal note, I am looking extra much forward to this conference. This will be my third, but certainly not last, visit to Taiwan – an enchanting Island full of friendly people, lovely nature and testimoies to a unique history. This will also be when I step down from the position as President of the ICCS and pass the baton to another worthy person. I am sure that the Society will be in good hands.

Finally, let me remind you about the purpose of your Society, which may be extra important to stress in these troubled times. Our goal is to improve the situation for children around the globe who suffer from bladder-related problems. We do this by the pursuit of, and the free communication of, scientific evidence. We are not a political organisation, but we are always on the side of the children and of science.

So let’s all meet in Taipei, Taiwan for the ICCS annual conference! Let’s teach, learn and have fun together!

Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD
President, International Children’s Continence Society
Professor of pediatrics, senior consultant
Uppsala University Children’s Hospital
Uppsala, Sweden