Welcome To ICCS 2022 in Taiwan

Many good reasons for you to attend this prestigious meeting! Do save the date!

It’s our honor to host the Annual Congress of International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS). Taiwan is a beautiful island with high mountains and blue seas in reachable distance. Many people agree that the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is the people living here. At arriving the airport, you will be welcome by smiles. At midnight, you can walk safely on the street and have some drink. Hospitality and safety are everywhere in Taiwan!

New Taipei City is a metropolitan city surrounding the capital city of Taipei. Nearby mountains are hot hiking spots, and historical towns or villages are hot touring or shopping sites. Bitan, a lake or dilated part of a river, near the hospital, is one of the hot spots for lovers in Northern Taiwan. Many ways for you to enjoy life in New Taipei City! Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital is a Buddhist hospital endeavoring to high technology and humanity in caring people in sickness. In front of the hospital, there is a beautiful garden for visitors and patients to relax the anxiety. Next to the hospital, there is a Jing-Si Tang, a Tzu Chi style temple. Inside the hospital or Jing-Si Tang you can experience tranquility and peace in your mind. Only vegetarian food is supplied inside the two buildings.

Good academic program is the cornerstone of a scientific meeting. Cross Talk is the main theme of the meeting. Cross Talk between bladder, bowel, and brain, and Cross Talk between adult and pediatric urologists dealing with incontinence will be hotly discussed by renowned experts. With inspiration of both sides, the participants are expected to master management of pediatric incontinence in all fields of lower urinary tract dysfunction (LUTD). Three educational courses are provided. Urodynamics and Urotherapy in children are the two courses to enhance knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of LUTD. Urodynamics in children in Mandarin is to improve local technicians who are not familiar with doing urodynamics in children.

Updated ICCS guidelines will help all physicians master the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric incontinence. Kelm Hjalmas Lecture will be given by our dear friend, CK Yeung, who is an expert in incontinence and minimally invasive surgery. All board members of ICCS and many respectful Asian experts will provide special lectures to update the knowledge and trend of the diagnosis and treatment in pediatric incontinence.

We do hope that the impact of Covid-19 will vanish before the 4th quarter of 2022 and everyone can attend this meeting physically. We have prepared excellent academic program for your brain, bravo scenery for your eye and soul, and gourmet food for your stomach! This is the real academic event that you have to attend in 2022!

Chairman of ICCS 2022
Stephen She-Dei Yang, MD, PhD, EMBA
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, New Taipei, Taiwan
Buddhist Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan
March 21, 2022

Important Date

  • Current COVID quarantine
    policy in Taiwan
  • Abstract submission system open 16st May 2022
  • Abstract submission Deadline 10th September, 2022
  • Abstract review and selection by scientific committee September 2022
  • Outcome of abstract selection 25th September 2022
  • End of early bird registration 31st October, 2002